How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

Divorce is a process involving tough decisions. One of the key considerations when going through a divorce is the cost, especially if spouses cannot agree on everything from the start. The longer it takes to settle issues like property division, custody, and financial support, the more a divorce case can cost in many situations, as

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Co-Parenting After a Divorce

Divorce can lead to significant changes in your life, especially when you have children. You will likely share custody of your children with their other parent, so you must cooperate to co-parent them in the healthiest way possible. Co-parenting after a divorce requires careful planning, effective communication, and a focus on the best interests of

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Collecting Child Support When the Other Parent Moves Out of State

Divorce can require you to address several challenging and emotionally draining issues, including child custody and child support. As a divorced parent, you understand the importance of financial support for your children. In fact, many parents rely on support payments to ensure they can cover their child’s basic needs and expenses. Unfortunately, you may find

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What Happens When Co-Parents Can’t Agree On Childhood Vaccinations?

Many parents who are divorced or living separately share custody of their children. This means they not only share physical time with their children but also share legal custody. Legal custody refers to the authority to make important decisions for the child’s life, including regarding healthcare, education, and religion. One of the most contentious issues

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Tax Season And We’re Separated: Things Both Parties Should Consider

Divorce and separation involve a complex web of legal, financial, and emotional considerations. As tax season approaches, filing taxes can be particularly challenging for separated spouses. Whether you are in the process of getting divorced or have already finalized your separation, always understand the implications and options available to you. Below are some key things

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Can You End Your Marriage with Dignity and Respect?

Absolutely. But, as we wrote in our #1 Amazon Bestseller Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!), it takes intentional and active participation in your case. First, you have to shift your mindset and set your expectations on what a good divorce is. Then, you have to actively work towards a good divorce and avoid

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