DIY Divorce in Arizona (Do It Yourself or Hire an Attorney?)

When filing for divorce, there can be a lot of questions. One of the most asked is if it’s better to file for divorce yourself or hire an attorney? A DIY divorce requires you to decide which forms to file, what information should or should not be included on those forms, file them, serve them,

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Divorce Support Groups (Online Divorce Support and Recovery)

Going through a divorce is extremely challenging. The physical separation and impact on financial security can negatively affect not only the couple, but their children, extended family members, and friends as well. Children have to adjust to living without both parents in the home. Grandparents may have to step in to help with the children.

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Annulment Vs. Divorce (What Is The Difference?)

When considering your options before filing, it’s essential to know the difference between annulment and divorce. A divorce serves to legally separate two people. This includes their legal assets as well as any children resulting from the marriage (child custody). An annulment of marriage does most of what divorce does. However, it also voids the

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Arizona Child Custody

How COVID-19, the “Coronavirus,” will ultimately impact the nation or this state is unknown. We are all making adjustments in order to address the concerns and comply with the everchanging “best practices” and various governmental mandates. Schools, bars, and restaurants are closed. Courts have limited their access and attorneys are working remotely as much as

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Arizona Child Custody Laws (Guidelines To Abide By)

Dealing with child custody situations can be daunting for many parents in Arizona. Most people do not know family law or how a case progresses through the court. Arizona also uses terms such as legal decision-making and parenting time to encompass what most people refer to as “custody,” which can make the process even more

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