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Since earning her law degree, Randi has dedicated her career to helping parents secure their rights, and the rights of their children—even in the most volatile situations.  

Her background in both Psychology as well as in Family and Children Services has given her unique insight into the inner-workings of family law, preparing her to take on high conflict child custody issues, including cases that involve domestic violence and substance abuse.

As a family law and divorce lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona, Randi has also worked on cases involving high conflict dissolutions, relocation, grandparents’ rights, child custody, third-party rights, property and asset division, and more. She has represented victims of domestic violence as well as parents looking to protect their children from spouses or parents with substance abuse problems.

Her passion for helping families has driven her to become an exemplary Arizona divorce attorney, serving as an advocate for her clients in particularly high conflict situations. Her expertise in the field allows her to aggressively defend the rights of her client and fight for the legal protections that they deserve.

Randi Burggraff


  •  Southern Illinois University School of Law/JD, 2013
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona/B.A. Psychology with Minor in Family and Children Services 2011

Bar Admission

  • Admitted to the Arizona Bar on October 27, 2014
    • Arizona Attorney Bar No. 031576


  • 2012 – 2014 – Award for Trial Team Participation
  • 2012 – 2013 – Pro Bono Participation Award
  • 2013 Best Advocate Award – Trial Team Competition




Randi’s passion for helping families is founded upon both her personal experiences academic studies.

As a product of a high conflict divorce during her youth, Randi understands how this legal process plays out for the parties to the case but more importantly for the children moving forward. Randi’s personal experiences help her advocate for her clients, their children, in and outside the courtroom, with a fundamental understanding of the practical impacts all involved are facing. 

In 2011, she graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Family and Children Services. This unique expertise allows her to better understand complicated family matters, including cases involving domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, and other volatile situations.

She went on to pursue legal studies at Southern Illinois University School of Law, passing the bar in 2014.

She has since worked with parents to protect their rights and the rights of their children—especially during cases of high conflict divorce. Her background in high conflict child custody issues has pushed her to develop the ability to navigate complicated legal situations in order to defend the rights of her clients. She has worked in a wide range of cases, including those involving child custody battles, cases of domestic violence or substance abuse, relocation, 3rd party or grandparent rights, the division of property and assets, and more.

By focusing exclusively on family law, Randi has developed an expertise in the field. From conducting civil negotiations to advocating for clients in the courtroom, her passion for family law has earned her recognition as a dedicated Scottsdale divorce lawyer.

Randi Burggraff
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A Passion for Helping Those in High Conflict Divorce Cases

Often considered one of the most difficult areas of family law, Randi has spent much of her career developing a passion for helping those in high conflict divorce cases. This passion drives her to aggressively fight for the rights of her clients when they and their families depend upon it most.

Randi has represented several victims of domestic violence, and has defended clients against spouses suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. She prides herself on helping parents and their children during these times of need to secure the legal rights and protections that they deserve.

Randi has extensive experience in litigating cases with difficult opposing parties and/or attorneys. Because of this, Randi will not be intimidated or cease to work on protecting the needs of her client, including guarding against the conflict and violence they may have suffered during their relationship with the other party. Randi takes the burden off the client’s shoulders by stepping in and using her unique experience and skill set to secure the client’s rights under the law–no matter the opposing party.

Randi understands the gravity of these difficult situations, and the impact that they can have on her clients’ lives. For this reason, she works tirelessly to understand her client’s unique needs, research the law, and apply it in the best manner to secure their interests.

By working with such highly volatile cases on a regular basis, Randi has developed prowess for the most difficult family law cases. She has mastered the art of navigating highly contentious situations and applying the law to protect the interests of her clients during their toughest times.

Demonstrated Excellence in Family Law

As a family law and divorce lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona, Randi has demonstrated excellence in the courtroom, standing her ground to represent clients even in volatile and highly contentious matters. Her unique background in Psychology and Family and Children Services allows her to better understand complicated family issues and apply the law in order to protect her clients. By working with such extreme cases, Randi has quickly developed an vast experience in family law, learning how to navigate complicated legal battles to secure the rights of her clients. From high conflict divorce, to custody and child support battles, issues involving domestic violence or substance abuse, third party rights, and more, Randi prides herself on fighting for the legal ramifications that her clients need. Her ability to mitigate such highly emotional cases is a testament to her strength as a lawyer and her ability to stand as an advocate for her clients. Her passion for helping parents protect their needs, and the needs of their children, is evident in her proven track record and compassionate approach. If you are looking for a dedicated Arizona divorce attorney, contact Randi today to schedule a consultation.

Every case is completely unique from the rest, and every family deserves an attorney who understands that their circumstances need to be treated in a unique way. If you are in need of consultation regarding divorce law, family law, or appeals, call our office today so we can start representing your needs.

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