Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Arizona Child Custody

How COVID-19, the “Coronavirus,” will ultimately impact the nation or this state is unknown. We are all making adjustments in order to address the concerns and comply with the everchanging “best practices” and various governmental mandates. Schools, bars, and restaurants are closed. Courts have limited their access and attorneys are working remotely as much as

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Arizona Child Custody Laws (Guidelines To Abide By)

Dealing with child custody situations can be daunting for many parents in Arizona. Most people do not know family law or how a case progresses through the court. Arizona also uses terms such as legal decision-making and parenting time to encompass what most people refer to as “custody,” which can make the process even more

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10 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney At The First Visit

Once you have found an experienced attorney that will work hard on your case, you can start thinking about the best way to get through the process. Before you even walk into the law office for your initial consultation, you should have a list of questions you plan to ask so that you always feel

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Sample Divorce Discovery Questions (Real Examples)

Discovery is the formal process by which parties exchange information.  When everything goes well, you might not even have to deal with formal discovery requests in a family law case. However, if people have already decided that they need to resolve the matter by going to court, you should be prepared to deal with discovery

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Should I Get A Divorce? Full List Of Questions To Ask Yourself

No one enters into a marriage looking forward to the time in the future when your marriage ends and you go through a divorce together. It’s a hard fact of life that so many marriages end in divorce, and it’s never easy on anyone, especially the children. Nobody wants to make such a decision lightly.

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