Divorce Statistics (What is Your Risk of Divorce?)

Divorce statistics are interesting, no matter where you are in your relationship. If you’re getting married, it’s good to know your risk. And if you’re considering a divorce, it can help put your situation into perspective. From divorce statistics, you learn that many factors impact your risk of divorce. Some of these factors include your

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How Long Does A Temporary Custody Order Last In Divorce Cases?

Temporary orders are orders both parties must follow throughout the divorce process or until further order. They are essential in many divorce cases where the relationship is not amicable. Temporary orders can regard things like finances or shared assets. Temporary orders can also state child support, spousal support sometimes referred to as alimony. Temporary orders

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Spouse Won’t Sign Divorce Papers and Doesn’t Want A Divorce

If your spouse does not want a divorce, it can be next to impossible to get them to sign divorce papers. As divorce attorneys, we understand how challenging that is. However, in most Arizona divorce cases, you can proceed without consent from your spouse. So, we put together a guide to help you determine what

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Marriage Annulment in Arizona (What You Need To Know)

Annulment and divorce are two different things. When you get an annulment, it is as if the marriage never existed. An annulment nullifies the marriage contract and makes the marriage void. Divorce, on the other hand, says the couple was legally married and ended up separating. If you entered into a non-covenant marriage in Arizona,

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Divorce Deposition Tips (What Questions Are Asked?)

The divorce process has many steps, and depositions are usually one of those steps. However, depositions can be challenging if you are not well-prepared. So, we put together a guide with tips to help you prepare for your divorce deposition. We’ve also included examples of some of the questions you or the other deponents may

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Arizona Parenting Plan (Guidelines & Time Table)

Parenting plans are an essential part of child custody cases in Arizona. A written parenting plan is not only required but it is extremely beneficial to the entire family. It lets the parents know who has decision making authority, and when each parent will exercise their parenting time. The parenting plan is a requirement for

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