Loan Assumption After Divorce (What To Do With Your Mortgage)

Deciding where you will live is an essential aspect of divorce. Some people want to stay in their family home, either because they are comfortable there or because they believe the transition will be easier for their children. However, staying in your family home often requires some changes to the property’s ownership. If you are

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10 Ways to How To Find Happiness After Divorce

Divorce is one of the most challenging things you can go through in life. When you get married, you typically don’t expect that the relationship will end. But if it does, your entire life changes. A failed marriage is often perceived as a personal failure. The emotions you need to work through are powerful. After

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How To Serve Divorce Papers (What and When To Serve)

In a divorce case, service refers to the formal act of letting the other party know that you filed documents with the superior court. It is an essential aspect of any divorce case. The party who initially files for divorce is called the divorce petitioner. To start divorce proceedings in the state of Arizona, the

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Divorce Tips and Divorce Advice (For Women)

Historically, divorce has been different for women than for men. The reason for this is that in the past, more women worked in the home, while men provided the family with their sole or main income source. However, today it all depends on how dependent each spouse is on the other. The effect of your

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DIY Divorce in Arizona (Do It Yourself or Hire an Attorney?)

When filing for divorce, there can be a lot of questions. One of the most asked is if it’s better to file for divorce yourself or hire an attorney? A DIY divorce requires you to decide which forms to file, what information should or should not be included on those forms, file them, serve them,

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Divorce Support Groups (Online Divorce Support and Recovery)

Going through a divorce is extremely challenging. The physical separation and impact on financial security can negatively affect not only the couple, but their children, extended family members, and friends as well. Children have to adjust to living without both parents in the home. Grandparents may have to step in to help with the children.

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