Attorney Erika M. Isard

Associate Attorney

Erika has one of the most diverse experience portfolios of our attorneys at BTL Family Law.

Since 2015, she has served the legal needs of citizens in greater Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Regardless of what part of law Erika has focused on, she has always been enthusiastic about helping her clients realize justice for their situation. In particular, she is devoted to family law and is keen on taking cases which allow her to work with families.

Herself the child of divorcees, Erika has experienced the toll a divorce takes on a family, especially the turmoil experienced by children. It was in the aftermath of her own experience that she realized her desire to become an Arizona divorce lawyer in order to provide families the care they need and deserve while navigating through this process.

Families in Scottsdale and the Phoenix area who are in need of an Arizona Family Law Attorney to help them through the legal process of divorce and who wish to experience the empathy of an attorney who understands the process firsthand should contact Erika for a consultation today.

Erika Isard


  •  Juris Doctor – Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Bachelor of Science – Retail and Consumer Sciences, Summa Cum Laude – University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Bar Admission

  • Admitted to the Arizona Bar on May 21, 2015
    • Arizona Attorney Bar No. 032111

Awards and Accolades

  • Wildcat Excellence Academic Scholarship
  •  The Carol Anderson Entz and Donald C. Entz, Jr. Memorial Scholarship SRCER Scholarship
  • Strategic Mindshare Scholarship
  • University of Arizona Outstanding Senior 2010 Finalist


Erika began her path to law at the University of Arizona. A recipient of three academic scholarships, she was on track to proving her dedication to excellence from the beginning. Here, she focused her efforts on developing strategy by carefully analyzing information and synthesizing it into a plan. Erika would later use this ability in strategic planning to author case assessments and effectively communicate legal goals with her clients.

Her gift for both research and case building are what make her an invaluable resource to both our law firm and to the community she serves. Having drafted pleadings, client letters, and petitions, and having written consent decrees as well as all other required documentation, Erika has successfully managed each aspect of family law.

Not only is she devoted to the development and progress of family law in Arizona, she is considered a leader in her field of law. She has been responsible for the training and counseling of oncoming family law associates, ensuring they are winsome in their own cases. Furthermore, Erika is experienced in managing a team of family law attorneys.

A Desire to See Justice for Women

Erika has prided herself in caring for women in court and has proven herself as a women divorce lawyer with a winsome record. She sees and understands the hardships that women can face every day. That is why she is driven to fervently represent women in Scottsdale and the Phoenix area in need of justice. While she celebrates to see justice for all of her clients, she is particularly fulfilled in helping women navigate the divorce process.

Women in Scottsdale and the Phoenix area who are looking for a family/divorce lawyer who can provide a more personal touch to their legal experience should contact Erika today and start seeing the justice system work for them and their loved ones.

A Love for Families

Erika’s care and affection for families are rooted in both her own family experience as well as the joy she has seen on her clients faces when their legal process is performed with dedication and thoughtfulness.

The satisfaction of helping others, including cases involving child custody, and especially families in desperate need, is the very reason she pursued a degree in law. Moreover, Erika is keen on specifically helping families in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. She believes that families are a part of the backbone of a strong community and as a member of this community herself, she wishes to see families and individuals thrive in their lives.

Family and divorce law is an intricate process, but Erika’s drive to perform skilled research as well as present timely results for case planning and trial preparation makes her an obvious choice for our clients’ individual needs. Her love for family law, dedication to each element of the case, and her excitement to share in the experiences, struggles, and joy of her clients make her stand out in this realm of law.

No matter what your situation is and how difficult you make think the case will be, Scottsdale and Phoenix residents deserve an attorney who will give them the devotion and fairness they need. Erika is an empathetic and passionate individual looking to see justice provided for her community. If you are in need of legal assistance in regards to appeals, family law or divorce law, call our firm to schedule a consultation today.

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