Settling A Divorce Outside Of Court

Resolving Your Case Without Going To Trial

Not only do we recommend trying to resolve your matter without going to trial, Arizona court and rules encourage the resolution of family law cases without going to trial. In fact, under Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure attorneys and parties are jointly responsible for having a good faith discussion about settlement of the case or agreeing on an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process. There are many tools that can be used to resolve your case outside of court such as:

Open Negotiation

An “open negotiation” is a process of non-confidential negotiations between the parties conducted by a neutral negotiator who attempts to facilitate a resolution of their dispute. The negotiator reports disputed issues to the court if the parties are unable to resolve them. See Rule 66(b)(4), A.R.F.L.P.

Settlement Conference

A “settlement conference” is a confidential process in which parties meet with a neutral judge, commissioner, or judge pro tempore to discuss settlement under Rule 67.4. See Rule 66(b)(6), A.R.F.L.P.


“Mediation” is a voluntary and confidential process under Rule 67.3 or Rule 68. See Rule 66(b)(6), A.R.F.L.P.

Settlement Letters

Settlement letters are exchanged between the parties to discuss how to resolve the case. Be sure the settlement letter has the appropriate protective language identifying them as settlement letters. They can be a great tool to use at any time in the case to help parties get closer to or reach an agreement.

Road Map For Divorce In Arizona

I. Considering Divorce

There are many factors to consider when thinking about divorce.

II. Finding An Attorney

Even if you are going to handle your divorce on your own, it is important to meet the right attorney to learn your rights

III. Beginning the Divorce Process

How do you get the process started?

IV. Initial Hearings and Temporary Orders

First court appearances and Temporary Orders

V. Disclosure and Discovery

What are you required to provide? What if the other side isn't providing the information?

VI. Resolution Outside Court

Trial isn't always necessary. There are options for resolving the divorce without the Judge

VII. Trial Preparation

If you are heading towards trial, be prepared.

VIII. Trial

Your opportunity to tell the court what you want and why you want it.

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