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Children have the right to be supported by both parents.

The child support order is trying to even out any disadvantage the child will experience from the parents’ separation.

It is vital to establish support as soon as possible, along with other child custody issues, so the children can have the stability and support they deserve.

A child support order is never meant to punish the other parent, and knowing that should make it easier for the parents to work together on this important issue.

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How Is Child Support Determined?

The amount of child support owed is actually dependent on many factors, and Arizona family law attorneys will ask you several questions in your initial consultation that may not seem relevant.

The Arizona child support guidelines take into consideration many factors, which you will need to document for your case.


Income is the first factor to consider when establishing child support. Each parent must present proof of all income. However, you can take into account other child support and/or spousal maintenance you may already be paying.

Arizona also allows a low-income adjustment for parents who have trouble meeting their own basic needs.

Health Insurance

Either parent may provide health insurance, and the amount paid for the policy to cover the child/children can be a consideration in the support order.


Childcare expenses may be one of the biggest family expenses but make it possible for the parents to work. Be sure to discuss your childcare expenses with your attorney to determine if it is appropriate to include them on the child support worksheet.


Educational expenses, such as tuition and fees, could be included on the child support worksheet, depending on the circumstances of your case.

Special Needs

Some children have special needs, such as health or education needs beyond the ordinary, which can play impact the award of child support in a few different ways.


Arizona allows adjustments for older children, as they often do not cost as much in time or money.


Parenting time is another important factor when determining child support. The calculation of parenting time days isn’t always as straightforward as people think. It is important to discuss this topic with your attorney.

How Can I Apply for Child Support?

If you were married and went through a divorce with children, issues such as child custody and child support will be part of the final divorce decree.

The family court hearing your divorce case will either accept your agreement or decide the issues based on the evidence you present if you can’t come to an agreement.

Your Scottsdale divorce lawyer will work through those issues with you as part of the Arizona divorce process, where you will also get a chance to work out other issues.

There is spousal maintenance in Arizona, and this may be another part of the support you get, at least temporarily, after the divorce.

You can also get child support and any other relevant benefits if you are legally separated, which is a factor to consider when contemplating legal separation vs. divorce.

You may not want the finality of a divorce, at least not yet, but your Scottsdale family law lawyer can help you decide what’s best for now.

In Arizona, the father has no right to the child until paternity is established. That means there can also be no child support order.

In order to establish the father’s rights, it is necessary to either get an agreement between both parents or from the court.

If the Other Parent Isn’t Paying, What Can I Do?

Arizona has established various remedies to enforce a child support order.

  • Income withholding, so the money is taken directly from their paycheck
  • Enforcement and/or contempt.

With these actions, you can seek sanctions from the court so that the other parent pays their obligations.

Child support is considered a top priority in the eyes of the court. If a parent is not paying their child support obligation, there needs to be a good reason.

Your children deserve the support the court ordered. If you are not receiving the support, speak with an attorney about your options to enforce the court’s order.

Can I Change the Child Support Order After the Judge Decides How Much Should Be Paid?

The original support order is only meant to cover that time period.

Circumstances change, and if you and your family experience a continuing change in circumstances, you can ask the judge to review your case and issue a new order.

Child support modifications may occur for many different reasons, such as loss of employment, a big difference in parenting time, or even a change in health insurance costs.

When there is a change in parenting time, a change in child support will typically follow.

Experienced Scottsdale Family Law Attorneys

Child support and custody laws work to help meet the best interests of the child.

Our Maricopa County divorce attorneys understand, not only how sensitive and emotional these issues can be, but also how important they are to deal with so the children’s needs can be met.

Even when there has been an amicable divorce, there are additional legal issues that may still need to be considered.

Some parents aren’t thrilled to have to continue to work with their former spouse, but they will need to put that feeling aside in order to co-parent effectively. If they cannot, their actions could affect the legal decision-making orders.

Our experienced family law attorneys serve the areas of Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and other surrounding areas.

We handle all legal matters surrounding the divorce process, including family law issues like custody cases, spousal support, and domestic violence.

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