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Scottsdale Divorce and Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a useful tool to resolve a family law dispute. It affords parties an opportunity to reach an agreement on their terms and forego the expense and stress of trial. 

Attending hearings and going to trial can be costly, stressful and intimidating. If your case goes to trial, you are leaving your life in the hands of the Judge. The Judge could wind up telling you how your money will be spent and what time you pick up your children. 

In mediation, the parties retain control over their case and can reach agreements that best fit their lives.

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The Family Law Mediation Process

During the mediation process, parties can be either in the same room or in a separate room, whatever the parties are most comfortable with. Regardless, the discussions at mediation remain confidential. At mediation, the parties are able to reach both full and partial agreements. Even partial agreements are important because they narrow the issues going forward. If your case does proceed to trial, you will not have to spend money preparing to litigate the agreements you reached at mediation.

Our Mediation Approach

At our office, prior to mediation, each party will complete their positions packet. The packet is designed to tell the mediator what their positions are and what is important to them. The mediator will then use this information to help the parties reach agreements.

We prefer to conduct mediation with the parties in separate rooms. We believe this leads to more productive conversations on how to resolve the issues as discussions are confidential and the mediator will not relay what is said to the other party unless authorized to do so. 

Following mediation, when the parties reach agreements, our firm can memorialize the agreements, including preparing your formal paperwork for the court.

Our Mediation Team

Our mediators are experienced family law lawyers that understand the attention to detail necessary to avoid future issues.

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Bryan K. Levy

Attorney & Family Law Mediator
"Hi my name is Bryan Levy, I am one of the partners here at Burggraff Tash Levy PLC and head of the mediation department. Throughout my 30 years of practice, I have found that the best way to resolve and finalize a divorce or other family law matter is through mediation. By attending mediation parties can save thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and take control of their case as opposed to letting a judge decide what happens to the most important things in their lives."

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Mediation at Our Scottsdale Office

Our family law and divorce attorneys are conveniently located in Scottsdale and has multiple comfortable conference rooms. We do our best to make our guests as comfortable as possible during this emotional process with refreshments, snacks and WiFi access during mediation. Our separate conference rooms promote open discussions during mediation.

Burggraff Tash Levy PLC office conference room
Burggraff Tash Levy PLC office meeting room

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