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What are Legal Document Preparation Services

2020-10_BEST_Law_Firm_Family_Law_Attorneys.pngLegal document preparation services are as straightforward as it sounds. You hire someone to prepare your legal documents for you. Depending on your needs, and as it relates to Arizona divorce and family law, this can include Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Petitions for Dissolution, Petitions to Modify Parenting Time and Legal Decision-Making, Responses, Motions, Pretrial Statements, Settlement Agreements, and Consent Decrees.

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Experienced Legal Professionals for Quality Divorce and Family Law Documents

BTL Family Law is a full-service family law firm located in Scottsdale, AZ. Meaning our Scottsdale divorce and family law legal document preparation lawyers help clients navigate the divorce process, child custody issues, and other family law issues. The attorneys have over 50 years of combined legal experience. We have drafted countless legal documents for family court for our clients and as part of document preparation services. Click on our photo.

Why Hire BTL Family Law for Document Preparation Services?

Because we are attorneys, and unlike other options, we can provide legal advice during the consultation. We use our experience as litigating attorneys to advise you on what documents you need and what to put in those documents. Also, many people use document preparation services because they believe their case will be straightforward or uncontested. But what happens if it becomes contested? If your case does not go as planned, we are experienced divorce and family law attorneys who can be hired to represent you.

Why do People Use Document Preparation Services instead of traditional representation?

Legal matters can become expensive quickly. Most people use document preparation services to save money or have greater control over the legal fees incurred. Under a document preparation agreement, the preparer (typically either an Attorney, Legal Paraprofessional, or Legal Document Preparer) agrees to draft the documents you requested for a flat fee with the information you provided but does not track your case, represent you in your case, and will not be representing you in court.

This can be beneficial because the client knows they are only responsible for the agreed-upon price of the document preparation and that they will not be incurring expenses related to tracking a case or representing a client in court.

Examples of When People Use Document Preparation Services

Best of the Best Attorneys Family Law FirmJason believes his case will be straightforward and does not believe he has complicated legal issues. He knows he needs quality pleadings for his case but wants to avoid incurring the expense of having an attorney represent him. Jason has reviewed the forms available through the court’s self-help center but needs to know exactly what to file, and what to write, and he thinks the forms may be too generic for his needs. So Jason hires a law firm to draft the appropriate documents for him. 

Jessica and her spouse have an uncontested divorce and have already worked out the details. They have decided what happens to the house, who is taking the credit card debt and the personal loan, and have agreed on spousal support. They know what their parenting schedule will be and who gets Thanksgiving. But Jessica wants to ensure that all of these agreements are put in the correct documents and appropriately worded. Jessica wants the peace of mind that professionals do these documents so she does not have problems down the road. So she hires a firm to draft the correct documents for her in a format the court can accept.

BTL Family Law is here to help

What’s the Process?

1. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation, complete the Initial Consultation Questionnaire, and meet with the attorney. We offer a 1-hour reduced rate of $150.00 for the initial consultation. During the consultation, you and the attorney will discuss your needs and determine if there is any additional information we would need to prepare the document.

2. Hire Us for Your Divorce and Family Law Documents

After we discuss your needs in the consultation, you hire us for your document preparation, and you get us whatever additional information we may need, and we can get started.

3. We Draft the Legal Documents

We draft the documents based on your initial consultation questionnaire, our discussion during the consultation, and whatever additional information we may need from you—depending on your case. Once we get started, we usually can get a draft for review to the client in 1 week.

4. Review and Approve the Documents

Once we have a draft ready, we will send you the documents to review.

5. Preparation for Filing

Once you have reviewed the documents, we will prepare them for filing with the court.

6. Filing and Service

We can arrange for the documents to be filed with the court or you can do this yourself if you would like to save on those costs.

Similarly, we can arrange for service of process where necessary for an additional fee, or you can do this yourself if you would like to save on those costs.

What Legal Documents Do We Prepare?

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Scottsdale Divorce and Family Law Legal Document Preparation Lawyer, Bryan K. Levy

Prenuptial Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements

Petition for Dissolution (Divorce) – with and without children

Petition for Legal Separation

Petition for Modification—Parenting Time, Legal Decision-Making, and/or Child Support

Petition for Contempt

Various Motions

Settlement Agreement

Pretrial Statements

Consent Decree

Parenting Plan

Property Settlement Agreement

Post-Decree Motions

Estate Planning Documents (Will, Living Trust, Trusts, Power of Attorney)

Document Preparation FAQs

Yes! Maricopa County Superior Court has a great self-help center with many forms for unrepresented parties.

But, consider at least meeting with an experienced family law attorney to discuss your case. The court forms are general and may not fit your needs and it is easier—and cheaper—for an attorney to help you avoid a mistake than it is to try and get you out of a mistake. In some cases, even an experienced attorney may be unable to undo a severe mistake.

Our costs vary depending on what you need to be drafted and the detail required in the document. But, for example, a simple Petition for Dissolution with No Children can cost as little as $350.00 plus court filing fees, courier fees, and service fees (as I mentioned above, if you would prefer to be responsible for filing and service, you are welcome to do so). We aim to offer quality and affordable solutions for your family law matters.

The biggest advantage of document preparation services is that you can control the legal fees you are spending.

The primary disadvantage to document preparation services is that you do not have legal representation in your case. You are responsible for tracking your case and representing yourself at any potential hearings.

We understand. People think that whenever an attorney gets involved, everything becomes a bigger deal than it needs to be. That does not have to be the case. We are not here to rock the boat. We will advise you based on the information we have, it is your choice what you do with that advice.

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