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Can You End Your Marriage with Dignity and Respect?

Absolutely. But, as we wrote in our #1 Amazon Bestseller Does a Good Divorce Really Exist? (Absolutely!), it takes intentional and active participation in your case. First, you have to shift your mindset and set your expectations on what a good divorce is. Then, you have to actively work towards a good divorce and avoid the common pitfalls that lead people down the wrong path.

What is a “Good Divorce”

In Arizona, and has our office has defined it, a good divorce achieves the legal requirements of a divorce efficiently and affordably without parties spending all of their money on legal fees, having a mental breakdown, entangling the children in the situation, and getting the police involved. If you can finalize your divorce without those situations occurring, then that is a good divorce. But, it is critical to understand that in most circumstances, even a good divorce isn’t a positive event. Of course, there are situations where someone is escaping a dangerous and abusive situation which is positive. But, in most cases, even in the best of circumstances, parties are still ending a relationship, dividing something they intended to build together, and now tackling the challenges of co-parenting. Even a good divorce is emotionally taxing, it can just get worse from there depending on the parties and their actions.

How Do I End my Marriage with Dignity and Respect?

First, set your expectations and mindset. Second, avoid the common pitfalls that lead people down the wrong path. This is more fully discussed in our book that can be purchased here, but here are a couple quick points:

  1. Consider your actions, how will they set the tone for the case?
  2. Help your attorney help you, we cannot be effective without your participation in
    the case.
  3. Know when to protect yourself through settlement and when to fight.
    Work With and Experienced Divorce Lawyer
    In our opinion, the attorneys involved in the case can make all of the difference in the
    case. When considering which attorney to hire, make sure they have your best interests in
    mind and are considering how the strategy will impact your life. In our office, we work
    towards helping clients navigate divorce as efficiently and affordable as possible. If you
    would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 480-307-6800.
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