What To Look For In A Good Divorce Attorney

Where To Start Looking for a Good Divorce Attorney

With technology today, there are many options and ways to search for a lawyer that handles divorces. From a simply searching for a divorce lawyer near me, using directory services, to asking trusted friends and family if they had any recommendations. 

Using a Search Engine

Looking for a divorce lawyer near you can be an effective way to find your attorney, after all, it is likely what brought you to this page. But we encourage you to look past what ad or site popped up first. Review the firm’s website, read the attorney’s biography pages, and read the reviews on the firm. Doing this research will help you find an attorney and family law firm that best fits your needs and the particular issues presented in your case. We encourage you to review our site and our online reviews.

Attorney Directory Resources

Attorney directories can be excellent resources when looking for a divorce lawyer. They can offer third party information that may not be contained on the firm’s website as well as reviews. They can also help you wade through attorney’s that do not practice in the area of law you need. However, we do caution you on being aware of what financial commitments the attorney or firm may have made to be a part of the site. Ensure that you are making your decision based on the merits of the divorce lawyer or family law firm and not as a result of a financial contribution.

Personal and Professional Recommendations

Because of the nature of divorce and family law, not everyone is comfortable asking their family, friends, and co-workers if they know a good divorce lawyer but it is a great way to find an attorney. At Burggraff Tash Levy PLC, we are proud to say that most of our new clients come from referrals from past clients and professional relationships made in the community. We believe it is the greatest form of flattery and confidence in our firm when past clients and other professionals in the community trust us to send their friends and family to our firm for their family law needs. 

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What To Look For in a Good Divorce Attorney

After you have found an attorney, what makes a good divorce lawyer? The answer to this question does depend on each individual as the attorney needs to fit the client and the case but we believe there are essentially four cornerstones of a good divorce lawyer: Organized and Efficient, Focused on Your Case, Realistic and Straightforward, and Experienced Lawyers and Staff.

Organized & Efficient

An attorney and law firm that is organized and efficient will not only be able to provide better legal services but also keep the costs of you case down.

Focused on Your Case

Your attorney having the time to meet the needs of your case is very important but we believe that is obvious and not what we mean. Rather we mean a good divorce lawyer will be focused on resolving your matter without unnecessarily getting lost in the weeds and tangled up in argument that does not help you reach your goals. Divorce and family law is often fueled by emotion. Litigating points that ultimately have no bearing on your goals will increase the cost of litigation and is detrimental to reaching an amicable resolution. Choose an attorney that will help you stay focused on your goals. 

Realistic & Straightforward

A good family law attorney should tell you want you do not want to hear. You do not need a cheerleader and unrealistic expectations ultimately lead to disappointment. A quality divorce lawyer will tell you what you are and are not entitled to under the law.

Experienced Lawyers and Staff

The experience of a divorce lawyer and law firm as a whole goes beyond knowledge of family law in Arizona. An experienced divorce lawyer will know the law, many of the other attorneys in the field, and how each judge likes to manage their courtroom.

People often think that it is a negative if the attorney has a good relationship with the attorney representing the other spouse. This is absolutely not true, when attorneys have professional relationships with the other attorneys in their field, generally, it makes the whole case proceed more smoothly. Amicable resolutions are easier to reach and cases can conclude without unnecessary expense to the client. The same can be said about the attorney’s overall reputation in the community with the judges and the attorney’s knowledge of how the judge runs their courtroom. This relationship also extends to the other staff in the firm. Being polite and giving common courtesies go a long way in family law.

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Be Prepared For Your Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

There are several resources online regarding what questions to ask your divorce lawyer during the initial consultation but, initially, the divorce process is so overwhelming to most people that we believe people should be focused on three questions when they come into their initial consultation.

1. What is Most Important to You?

2. What is Your Desired Outcome?

3. What are You Most Worried About?

Think about the answers to these questions before you come into the initial consultation and be prepared to discuss them with the attorney. We believe these are the most important at the initial consultation as you have already research the attorney and the firm and the attorney should explain divorce and Arizona law during the consultation anyways. In an initial consultation, you will receive a lot of information, so prior, stay focused on what means the most to you.

If you are facing a divorce and would like to meet one of our attorneys, call Burggraff Tash Levy at 480-307-6800 or use our online form to schedule your consultation.

Choose A Law Firm, Not Just the Divorce Lawyer

Be aware, when you are hiring a divorce lawyer you are choosing someone you will be working with through what is one of the most stressful times in peoples lives. Not only are you going to be working with the divorce lawyer, you are working with the staff and the firm as a whole. Be sure that the lawyer, the staff and the firm’s overall mentality is one that you want to be working with.

If you are facing a divorce and would like to meet one of our attorneys, call Burggraff Tash Levy at 480-307-6800 or use our online form to schedule your consultation.

Road Map For Divorce In Arizona

I. Considering Divorce

There are many factors to consider when thinking about divorce.

II. Finding An Attorney

Even if you are going to handle your divorce on your own, it is important to meet the right attorney to learn your rights

III. Beginning the Divorce Process

How do you get the process started?

IV. Initial Hearings and Temporary Orders

First court appearances and Temporary Orders

V. Disclosure and Discovery

What are you required to provide? What if the other side isn't providing the information?

VI. Resolution Outside Court

Trial isn't always necessary. There are options for resolving the divorce without the Judge

VII. Trial Preparation

If you are heading towards trial, be prepared.

VIII. Trial

Your opportunity to tell the court what you want and why you want it.

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