Month: December 2018

Child Custody and Child Support

When facing divorce, there are two broad categories that encompass the children’s issues that must be resolved, Child Custody and Child Support. What most people refer to as Child Custody is split into two categories, Legal Custody and Physical Custody. In Arizona, this is known as Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time which are determined in …

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Spousal Maintenance

Addressing Spousal Maintenance Requests In Arizona Divorces In Arizona, what most people refer to as “alimony” is known as spousal maintenance. These are payments one spouse makes to the other for a period of time after divorce, not related to children or child support. While spousal maintenance is certainly warranted in certain divorces, there are …

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Division of Property and Debt

Handling Complex Property Division Determinations in Arizona Married couples often bring a lot into a marriage and often acquire many possessions, assets, and debts during a marriage. An important part of the divorce process is determining how spouses will divide all of this property and debt. In some cases, spouses can agree on how to …

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Divorce Vs. Legal Separation

In Arizona, divorce is not the only option. Although it is most common, for some parties, a legal separation may be a more appropriate resolution. Annulment, Legal Separation and Divorce In Arizona, generally, you have three options for legally separating from your spouse: Annulment, Legal Separation and Divorce. What is an Annulment? A person seeking …

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