If you are looking to move your children out of the Phoenix metro area or out of state, then you are looking at relocation. Sometimes the other parent agrees to the move, but not always. Moving a significant distance with your children can be complicated and if done incorrectly could cause serious consequences. Our firm is experienced in helping families relocate to other cities or even states. Contact us to discuss the necessary steps and how to best present your case.

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Bit of Information:

This page is meant to educate you regarding some of the aspects of Relocation in Arizona. Please understand, this page is intended to be educational only and each case has specific issues that may effect the information below. We recommend you consider discussing your matter with an experienced attorney.

Relocation (Child Custody and Moving Out of State)

Can I Move Out of State with My Child?

The quick answer - it depends.

Moving out of state with your child, known as Relocation, can be difficult depending on the reasons you are moving and the other parent’s involvement in the child’s life. Each case presents its own issues and you should seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the process.

What Custody Laws Regulate Moving Out of State with a Child?

Generally, A.R.S. §25-408 governs moving out of state with a child. To do so requires notice to the non-moving parent. If the non-moving parent objects, you can only relocate with the minor child by agreement or court order.

Because of Arizona’s policy that it is in a child’s best interests for each parent to have substantial, frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with their child, moving out of state with the child can be difficult. But it is not impossible, and there are many factors that can effect the Court’s decision. This can be a complicated area of family law. We recommend you consider consulting with an experienced family law attorney to ensure you are moving forward the right way.